Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 5 pp 1356—1388

Alternative polyadenylation dependent function of splicing factor SRSF3 contributes to cellular senescence

Figure 3. GO and KEGG enrichment analyses for 3′ UTR shortened genes shared by MEFs, 293T and HUVEC cells when knocking down SRSF3. (A) Venn diagram of 3′ UTR shortened genes (RUD-based) upon SRSF3-KD in different cells. Both the numbers and percentages were indicated. (B-C) GO term (B) and KEGG pathway (C) enrichment analysis for genes with 3′ UTR shortening shared by SRSF3-KD MEFs, 293T and HUVEC cells (221 genes in panel A). Red fonts represent functional categories related to senescence or aging.