Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 4 pp 1283—1304

Anti-inflammatory action of β-hydroxybutyrate via modulation of PGC-1α and FoxO1, mimicking calorie restriction

Figure 7. β-hydroxybutyrate (HB) regulates the activation of FoxO1 phosphorylation through the PI3K/Akt pathway. HEK293T cells were grown to 80% confluency in 100 mm dishes in DMEM medium, pre-treated (1 day) with or without CA-Akt (100 MOI), and then treated with 0.25–1 mM HB. (A) Cells were pre-transduced in the absence or presence of CA-Akt vector (100 MOI), and analyzed by western blotting. (B) Immunoprecipitation showed that FoxO1 was physically associated with phosphorylated FoxO1, FoxO1, p65, and PGC-1α after stimulation with HB (0.25–1 mM) in the absence or presence of CA-Akt (100 MOI).