Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1664—1685

A comparison of the mitochondrial proteome and lipidome in the mouse and long-lived Pipistrelle bats


Figure 4. The ten most different lipid abundance scores in our comparison between bat and mouse skeletal muscle mitochondrial lipidomes. m/z – mass charge ratio, ESI mode – electrospray ionisation mode, RT – run time. Confidence scores calculated as per Sumner et al., 2007 [51]. YMM – Young Mouse Muscle, OMM – Old Mouse Muscle, BM – Bat Muscle. Cer – Ceramide, NAE- n-acylethanolamine, SM – Sphingomyelin, Lyso PE – Lyso-phosphatidylethanolamine and Lyso PC - Lysophosphatidycholine. Ns p>0.05, * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001, **** p<0.0001.