Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1759—1777

Tubastatin A inhibits HDAC and Sirtuin activity rather than being a HDAC6-specific inhibitor in mouse oocytes

Figure 2. Major canonical pathways influenced TubA in control MII/GV and TubA/GV pairs. (A) Time schedule of control GV to MII oocyte transition. (B, C) Ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA) and functional categorization of the top selected genes by RNA-Seq of control MII/GV (B) and TubA/GV (C) pairs. The secondary Y-axis shows the -log (p-value) of the probability for genes in a data set to associate with identified pathways by chance. A threshold p value of 0.05 is presented as a yellow dotted line. The ratio of the number of genes from the data set that map to a given pathway divided by the total number of genes that map to the canonical pathway is shown as a solid line.