Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1759—1777

Tubastatin A inhibits HDAC and Sirtuin activity rather than being a HDAC6-specific inhibitor in mouse oocytes

Figure 3. Heatmap and IGV of DEGs in control GV, TubA (10 and 20 µM)-treated, and MII oocytes. (A) A representative oocyte of control-GV, TubA-treated (10 and 20 μM), and control-MII-stage oocytes. Of note, control mouse GV oocytes can undergo meiotic maturation in vitro, whereas 20 μM of TubA supplementation inhibited progression through the MI (or AT1) to MII transition in mouse oocytes. (C, D) Visualization of mRNA expression enrichment of the Class IIb Hdac and Class III sirtuin loci using IGV.