Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 1907—1917

Elevation of circular RNA circ_0005230 facilitates cell growth and metastasis via sponging miR-1238 and miR-1299 in cholangiocarcinoma

Figure 4. Circ_0005230 is a miRNA sponge for miR-1238 and miR-1299. (A) MiRNAs expression was detected after silencing of circ_0005230 in HuCCT1 cells. (B) Diagrammatic sketch of the binding sites for miR-1238 and miR-1299 in circ_0005230. (C) Correlation analysis of circ_0005230 and miR-1238/miR-1299 in CCA patients’ tissues. (D) qRT-PCR was performed to detect the expression of miR-1238/miR-1299 CCA cells and HIBEC cells. (E, F) Luciferase reporter assay showed that ectopic expression of miR-1238 and miR-1299 suppressed the activity of circ_0005230-WT in HuCCT1 and KMBC cells. *p<0.05, **p<0.01.