Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1804—1820

Endothelial cells secreted endothelin-1 augments diabetic nephropathy via inducing extracellular matrix accumulation of mesangial cells in ETBR-/- mice

Figure 1. ETBR expression level was up-regulated in kidney tissue of DN. Ten weeks after the establishment of diabetic mice, the mice were sacrificed and kidneys were collected for further use. (A) mRNA levels of ETBR in kidney tissue from patients with DN (GEO database, GSE30528 and GSE111154) and healthy control. EDNRB, gene of ETBR. (B). HE staining of kidney tissue from STZ-diabetic mice and control mice was conducted to confirm the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy. (C). Protein level of ETBR in kidney tissue from STZ-diabetic mice at six and tenth weeks after the initial intraperitoneal injection of STZ. N=3.