Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1850—1873

Longitudinal assessment of health-span and pre-death morbidity in wild type Drosophila

Figure 5. Oregon-R and Lausanne-S strains display similar late-life pathophysiology. (A, B) Life history chart of Oregon-R and Lausanne-S male (A) and female (B) flies individually tested in the startle assay daily from the age of 60 days (Oregon-R) and 20 days (Lausanne-S) until death. Gray bars indicate health-span and black bars ill-span. Arrows mark individuals that exhibited hyperactivity prior to death. (C) Survivorship curves of male and female Oregon-R and Lausanne-S flies of A and B. (D) Trajectories of disability are plotted separately for Oregon-R and Lausanne-S males and females as average performance scores during the last 10 days prior to death.