Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1850—1873

Longitudinal assessment of health-span and pre-death morbidity in wild type Drosophila

Figure 6. High sugar diet and antioxidants increase lifespan. (A, B) Survivorship curves of males (A) and females (B) of six cohorts of flies, each raised on a different diet (C:P 2/1, blue; C:P 2/1 + curcumin, green; C:P 2/1, + super fruits, red, C:P 8/1, purple, C:P 8/1 + curcumin, black; C:P 8/1 + super fruits, orange). For statistics see Table 2. (C, D) Life history charts of all six male (C) and all six female (D) populations. Horizontal gray bars depict health-span and black bars ill-span. (F) Schematic representation of the different feeding paradigms used.