Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 1965—1976

SIRT6 participates in the quality control of aged oocytes via modulating telomere function

Figure 5. SIRT6 overexpression in aged oocytes increases the telomere length in early embryos. (A) Schematic presentation of the SIRT6 overexpression experiments. (B) Efficiency of SIRT6 overexpression (SIRT6-OE) after mRNA injection was verified by immunoblotting. (C) Relative telomere length expressed in two-cell embryos is expressed as a T/S ratio determined by quantitative RT-PCR analysis. Data are expressed as mean percentage ± SD of three independent experiments (n=86 for young; n=85 for old; n=80 for old+SIRT6-OE). **P <0.01.