Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 7 pp 2031—2044

Exogenous biological renal support ameliorates renal pathology after ischemia reperfusion injury in elderly mice

Figure 1. Exogenous biological renal support improved renal IRI and decreased mortality and serum Cr, BUN levels in old IRI mice. (A) Survival curves for the old IRI mice at 72 hours. (B) Cr levels in the old mice. (C) BUN levels in the old mice. (D) Representative photographs of kidney sections from the old mice stained with periodic acid–Schiff (400× magnification). (E) Renal tubular injury score. (F) The levels of Kim1 in kidney extracts from the old mice, as measured by western blotting. Gels were performed under the same experimental conditions. (G) Quantitative analyses of the band densities of Kim1 expression. Values are presented as means ± SDs. ▲P < 0.05, ▲▲P < 0.01 vs. O: sham; *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 vs. O: IRI. BUN, blood urea nitrogen Cr, serum creatinine; SD, standard deviation.