Editorial Volume 11, Issue 9 pp 2542—2544

Aging and ischemic stroke

Figure 1. Spectrum of cerebrovascular diseases. (A) CT head without contrast of a 74 year old man with right middle cerebral artery (MCA) ischemic stroke. (B) Re-demonstration of acute right MCA ischemic stroke by MR brain of panel A patient. (C) CT head without contrast of a 75 year old woman with acute right frontal intracerebral hemorrhage with surrounding edema. (D) MR brain of a 54 year old woman with multiple chronic lacunar infarcts. (E) MR brain of an 80 year old man with white matter hyper-intensity representing severe microvascular disease. (F) A 73 year old woman with numerous cerebral microbleeds, few of these were shown with arrows. Source of images: These are original CT and MR images of patients collected by Mayo Clinic academics for education purpose and do not contain any patient identifier and material that has not been submitted or published elsewhere.