Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 9 pp 2628—2652

Five miRNAs-mediated PIEZO2 downregulation, accompanied with activation of Hedgehog signaling pathway, predicts poor prognosis of breast cancer

Figure 7. GO functional annotation and pathway enrichment analysis for the co-expressed genes of PIEZO2. (A) The Veen diagram of PIEZO2’s co-expressed genes from GEPIA, UALCAN and cBioPortal databases; (B-D) GO functional annotation (biological process, cellular component and molecular function) for the 109 co-expressed genes of PIEZO2; (E-G) pathway (Reactome, KEGG and NCI-Nature) enrichment analysis for the 109 co-expressed genes of PIEZO2; (H) the Veen diagram of the genes enriched in Hedgehog signaling pathway from Reactome, KEGG and NCI-Nature databases.