Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 10 pp 2968—2997

The small non-coding RNA profile of mouse oocytes is modified during aging

Figure 5. Expression of Kifc1 and Kifc5b targeting endo-siRNA and mRNA in young and aged oocytes throughout meiosis. RT-qPCR of young and aged GV, MI and MII stage oocytes was utilized to determine the impact of increased Kifc1 and Kifc5b targeting endo-siRNAs on Kifc1 and Kifc5b mRNA expression during meiosis. (A) RT-qPCR of RNA9878 in young and aged GV, MI, and MII oocytes (ANOVA; p > 0.0001). RT-qPCR of (B)Kifc1 (ANOVA; p ≥ 0.0266) and (C)Kifc5b (ANOVA; p ≥ 0.0128) in young and aged GV, MI, and MII oocytes. cDNA generation and RT-qPCR experiments were performed in technical and biological triplicate, with each biological replicate comprising 10 oocytes randomly sampled from a pool of oocytes isolated from three animals. The U6 small nuclear RNA and Ppia were employed as endogenous control to normalize the expression levels of target sRNAs and mRNAs, respectively. Values are shown as a mean of all replicates ± SEM. **** p < 0.0001.