Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 9 pp 2762—2786

MiR-191 inhibit angiogenesis after acute ischemic stroke targeting VEZF1

Figure 6. Regulation of VEZF1 by miR-191. (A) MiR-191 and its putative binding sequence in the 3'-UTR of VEZF1. (B) Real-time PCR analysis of VEZF1 expression in HUVECs by miR-191 interference. (n =6 per group); (C, D) Western blot analysis of VEZF1 expression in HUVECs transfected by miR-191. (E) Construction of Plasmid; (F) Luciferase activities were measured to evaluate the binding of miR-191 to the candidate binding sequence of VEZF1 after transfection of miR-191 mimic or NCm. Means ± SEM. * P< 0.05,** P< 0.01 vs. NCm or NCi.