Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 9 pp 2787—2796

The role of ORMDL3/ATF6 in compensated beta cell proliferation during early diabetes

Figure 4. ORMDL3 increases beta cell proliferation cultured in HG through ATF6. Min6 cells were kept in high glucose (20mmol/l) culture, and transfected with ORMDL3, or scrambled (Scr), or siRNA for ORMDL3 (siORMDL3) or ORMDL3 plus siATF6. (A–B) RT-qPCR for ORMDL3 (A) and ATF6 (B). (C) Western blot for ATF6. (D–E) Cell-clock cell cycle assay, shown by quantification of S-phase cells (D), and by representative images (E). (F–G) TUNEL assay, shown by quantification (F), and by representative images (G). DAPI: nuclear staining. NG: normal glucose culture. HG: high glucose culture. *p<0.05. NS, no significance. N=5. Scale bars are 20μm.