Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 10 pp 3198—3219

Simvastatin induces breast cancer cell death through oxidative stress up-regulating miR-140-5p

Figure 7. Combination of simvastatin and miR-140-5p promoted cell death in vitro and in vivo. (A) cell death induced by the four groups treatment (DMSO+ NC, simvastatin+ NC, DMSO+ miR-140-5P and simvastatin+ miR-140-5P) was measured by counting PI positive cell number. (B) lentiviral vector-infected MDA-MB-231cells and miR-140-5P vector-infected cells fluorescence detection. (C) Tumor volume detection in the four groups treatment. (D) Body weight change in the four groups of xenografted mice. (E) Schematic diagram of the mechanism that simvastatin-induced cell death by up-regulating miR-140-5P. The p-values were calculated using standard Student t-tests. Error bars represent mean± SEM of three individual experiments. ** P ≤ 0.01, * P ≤ 0.05.