Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 10 pp 3250—3261

A small molecular inhibitor of LRRK1 identified by homology modeling and virtual screening suppresses osteoclast function, but not osteoclast differentiation, in vitro


Figure 3. IN04 treatment impairs osteoclast function. (A) Representative images of bone resorption pits on bone slices scanned by nano-CT. Bone slices described in Figure 5, and a blank bone slice (1.5x1.5 mm) was scanned by nano-CT is shown. (B) Quantitative data of pit size in area on bone slices. (C) Representative images of vertical section of bone resorption pits on bone slices. (D) Quantitative data of pit depth on bone slices, measured by nano-CT. Data are presented as mean ± SEM. P < 0.05 or P < 0.01 indicates statistical significance (N=3).