Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 10 pp 3333—3347

Prediction of competing endogenous RNA coexpression network as prognostic markers in AML

Figure 3. LncRNAs modules are analyzed by WGCNA. (A) Cluster dendrogram of the coexpression network modules was produced based on topological overlap in the lncRNAs. (B) The relation of lncRNAs in modules between AML and normal samples was investigated. (C) Turquoise module showed highest relationship with AML. (D) The number of lncRNAs in every module was shown. (E) Flow chart exhibited the process of predicting target mRNAs. (F) Overlapped target mRNAs were analyzed by the predicted target mRNAs, WGCNA-cyan-turquoise mRNAs, and the significantly up-regulated mRNAs and down-regulated mRNAs. (G) The expression of 120 selected target genes was displayed by heatmap.