Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 10 pp 3362—3375

Circular RNA hsa_circ_0001649 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma progression via multiple miRNAs sponge

Figure 5. Circ-0001649 served as a sponge for miR-127-5p, miR-612 and miR-4688 to regulated SHPRH. (A, B) Circ-0001649 and SHPRH were the potential targets for miR-127-5p, miR-612 and miR-4688. (C) Luciferase activity in SMMC-7721 cells after transfection with negative control or miRNAs mimics. (D, E) Overexpression of miR-127-5p, miR-612 or miR-4688 inhibited protein and mRNA levels of SHPRH. (F) RIP assay confirmed the binding relationships. (G) MiR-127-5p, miR-612, miR-4688 and circ-0001649 were mainly distributed in cytoplasm. (H) Compared with the negative control, miR-127-5p, miR-612 and miR-4688 were pulled down and detected in the circ-0001649 biotinylated probed RNA-RNA complexes by qRT-PCR. *P<0.05, data represent the mean ± SD.