Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3561—3573

Downregulation of circ_0132266 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia promoted cell viability through miR-337-3p/PML axis

Figure 2. PML is a target gene of miR-337-3p. (A) Target genes were screened through overlapping websites of Targetscan (, miRDB ( and Pictar ( (B) Potential binding sites between miR-337-3p and candidate genes. (C) Dual-luciferase reporter assay to verify predicted bindings. (D, E) The change of mRNAs and proteins expression after transfection with miR-337-3p mimics. (F) PML relative expression in leukemia and patients from TCGA database. (G) PML relative expression in CLL and normal patients PBMCs detected by qRT-PCR (30 CLL patients vs 30 healthy volunteers). (H) Correlation analysis between miR-337-3p and PML in CLL PBMCs.