Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3561—3573

Downregulation of circ_0132266 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia promoted cell viability through miR-337-3p/PML axis

Figure 5. Circ_013226 exerts functions through miR-337-3p/PML axis. (A) The change of PML protein level after transfection with si-circ_0132266 and/or miR-337-3p inhibitor detected by western blot. (B, C) Cell proliferation potentials and ability were detected by CCK8 and IF assay. The statistical percentage of Ki67-positive cells was calculated. (D) FCM showed the circ_0132266 induced cell apoptosis ability and the rescue effects of miR-337-3p. Apoptotic rates were calculated and analyzed.