Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3585—3600

Blocking lncRNA H19-miR-19a-Id2 axis attenuates hypoxia/ischemia induced neuronal injury

Figure 1. H19 and Id2 expression levels were significantly elevated in the setting of hypoxia/ischemia. (A) qRT-PCR revealed that H19 levels in the plasma of ischemic stroke patients were significantly elevated, compared with normal control patients. (B) The elevated H19 levels were positively correlated with patient NIHSS scores within 3 hours of stroke onset. (C) In the penumbra cortex of rats, H19 levels increased and peaked at 3 h, and returned to normal levels at 72 h after MCAO/R. (D) In OGD neuronal cells, H19 levels showed a similar tendency of in vivo study. (E) qRT-PCR analysis revealed that Id2 mRNA levels in the penumbra cortex of rats increased significantly and peaked at 3 h after MCAO/R in; however, Id2 mRNA levels returned to baseline at 72 h post MCAO/R. (F) Similar results were revealed in OGD neuronal cells. (G) A correlation analysis revealed that Id2 mRNA level was positively correlated with H19 level in OGD neuronal cells.