Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 11 pp 3585—3600

Blocking lncRNA H19-miR-19a-Id2 axis attenuates hypoxia/ischemia induced neuronal injury

Figure 6. H19-miR-19a-Id2 axis modulated hypoxia-induced neuronal apoptosis. (A) Knockdown of H19 decreased luciferase activity in HEK293T cells transfected with Luc-Id2-3′-UTR; on the other hand, luciferase activity could be rescued by miR-19a inhibitor. In OGD neuronal cells, knockdown of H19 decreased the expression of Id2 mRNA (B) and protein (C); decreased expressions of Id2 mRNA and protein levels were attenuated by co-transfection with miR-19a inhibitor. (D) Flow cytometric analysis revealed that knockdown of H19 decreased cell apoptosis in OGD neuronal cells; however, this decrease was relieved by co-transfection of miR-19a inhibitor.