Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 3909—3918

Alda-1 attenuates hyperoxia-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in lung vascular endothelial cells


Figure 6. ALDH2 activation protects lung vascular endothelial cells against hyperoxia-induced mitochondrial membrane damage. (a) HMVEC cultured under different conditions (normoxia, 48 hrs of hyperoxia, or Alda-1 pretreatment followed by 48 hrs of hyperoxia) were subjected to JC-1 staining (magnification=200x). (b) Fluorescence intensities of green and red signals were quantified for each image using ImageJ software. The calculated ratios of red to green signals were expressed in arbitrary units. The results are shown in mean ± SEM (n=3). Data presented are representative of three independent experiments.