Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 3919—3938

Mitofusin 2 plays a role in oocyte and follicle development, and is required to maintain ovarian follicular reserve during reproductive aging

Figure 3. Gene expression is altered in Mfn2-/- GV stage and secondary follicle enclosed oocytes. (A, E) Heatmaps showing differentially expressed genes in Mfn2-/- and WT GV oocytes and secondary follicle enclosed oocytes (SFO) from 8-week-old mice. The color spectrum ranging from red color to blue color indicates normalized levels of gene expression from high to low. (B, F) Volcano plots for RNA-seq comparing Mfn2-/- and WT GV oocytes and SFOs. Red spot represents –log10 (p-value) ≥ 2; blue spot represents the – log10 (p-value) < 2. (C, G) Gene ontology (GO) cluster analysis of the significant over-representation of elements in Mfn2-/- and WT GV oocytes and SFOs from 8-week-old mice. (D, H) Pathway enrichment analysis in Mfn2-/- oocytes compared to WT GV oocytes and SFOs.