Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 4198—4215

Integrated multi-omics analysis of genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics in ovarian carcinoma

Figure 5. Infiltration of iC molecular subtypes in different immune cells. (A) Comparison of scores for six types of immune cells among the three iCluster gene subtypes. Immune cell scores are shown on the y-axis, and different molecular subtypes are shown on the x-axis. The Kruskal-Wallis rank test was used to identify significant differences in immune cell scores between the iC molecular subtypes. (B) Scores for six types of immune cells in all samples. iCluster indicates multi-omics molecular subtypes, METcor_C indicates METcor gene molecular subtypes, and CNVcor_C indicates CNVcor gene molecular subtypes.