Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 4216—4237

β-catenin-mediated hair growth induction effect of 3,4,5-tri-O-caffeoylquinic acid


Figure 5CD. TCQA stimulated β-catenin expression in human hair follicle dermal papilla cells (HFDPCs). (C) Immunocytochemistry of β-catenin expression in HFDPC after 24 h treatment with 0, 10 µM TCQA and 0.1 µM Minox. Scale bar=25 µm; magnificence 40 X. (D) Gene expression of CTNNB1 (β-catenin) after treatment with 0 and 10 µM TCQA, and 0.1 µM Minox for 6 h and 12 h. The mRNA level was quantified using TaqMan real-time PCR after treatment.