Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 4254—4273

Sulfate assimilation regulates hydrogen sulfide production independent of lifespan and reactive oxygen species under methionine restriction condition in yeast


Figure 2. Genes involved in sulfate assimilation are crucial for MR-mediated H2S production. (a) Methionine metabolic pathway. A gene name is shown in the corresponding step. (b) Lead acetate assay to determine methionine metabolism-related genes under diverse methionine restricted conditions. (c) Three-dimensional plot demonstrating the effect of gene deletion on hydrogen sulfide production. Hydrogen sulfide levels under 50 mg/L (regular condition) and 5 mg/L (MR condition) of methionine were digitized based on spot darkness. For wild-type and deletion mutants, the x-axis indicates the difference between MR-condition and regular-condition hydrogen sulfide levels and the y- and z-axes indicate the difference between the deletion mutant and wild-type hydrogen sulfide levels under regular and MR conditions, respectively. Spot color shows low (red) to high (blue) z-axis values.