Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 4801—4835

Mitochondrial and ribosomal biogenesis are new hallmarks of stemness, oncometabolism and biomass accumulation in cancer: Mito‐stemness and ribo‐stemness features

Figure 15. Doxycycline preferentially targets MCF7‐GFP cells, during co‐culture with fibroblasts: Bar graphs. Note that mono‐cultures of MCF7‐GFP cells are quantitatively more resistant to the killing effects of Doxycycline, as the concentration of Doxycycline is progressively increased, from 50 μM to 5 mM. Note that at 500 μM Doxycycline, MCF7‐GFP cells in co‐culture are ~5‐fold more sensitive, than those in mono‐cultures.