Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 4801—4835

Mitochondrial and ribosomal biogenesis are new hallmarks of stemness, oncometabolism and biomass accumulation in cancer: Mito‐stemness and ribo‐stemness features

Figure 7. K‐M analysis of a Mito‐Signature that shows predictive value in Luminal A (LN‐negative) and Luminal B breast cancer patients, who were treated with hormonal therapy. Left, Luminal A/LN‐negative (N = 394 patients; p =0.00023). Right, Luminal B (N = 275 patients; p = 5.4e‐06). Patients with high‐expression levels of the Mito‐ Signature showed a clear increase in recurrence, while being treated with hormonal therapy. RFS, recurrence‐free survival.