Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 4801—4835

Mitochondrial and ribosomal biogenesis are new hallmarks of stemness, oncometabolism and biomass accumulation in cancer: Mito‐stemness and ribo‐stemness features

Figure 8. K‐M analysis of recurrence and metastasis using a Mito‐Signature in a larger group of ER(+) breast cancer patients, who were treated with hormonal therapy. These patients were not sub‐divided into luminal A/B subgroups and were not sub‐divided by lymph‐node status. Note that this Mito‐Signature effectively predicts tumor recurrence (Left; N = 855 patients) and distant metastasis (Right; N = 548 patients). Patients with high‐ expression levels of the Mito‐Signature showed a near 3‐fold increase in recurrence (p = 8.7e‐15) and a >2‐fold increase in distant metastasis (p = 3e‐05), while being treated with hormonal therapy.