Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 4876—4889

LncRNA SLCO4A1-AS1 promotes colorectal cancer cell proliferation by enhancing autophagy via miR-508-3p/PARD3 axis

Figure 1. PARD3 protein level parallels to SLCO4A1-AS1 in human CRC tissues. (A, B): Expression of PARD3 protein in CRC tissues (T) (n=23) and the corresponding adjacent control specimens (C) (n=23) by Western blot analysis. (C) PARD3 protein expression was up-regulated in 23 CRC tissues. (D) SLCO4A1-AS1 was elevated gradually with advanced tumor stage (stage I-IV) by in situ hybridization assay; (E) The mRNA expression level of SLCO4A1-AS1 was positively correlated with PARD3 protein in CRC tissues (n=23, R = 0.8265, P = 0.0057); (F) The level of SLCO4A1-AS1 mRNA in CRC cell lines by qRT-PCR. * P < 0.05, **P < 0.01