Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 5108—5123

Activation of AK005401 aggravates acute ischemia/reperfusion mediated hippocampal injury by directly targeting YY1/FGF21

Figure 2. Effect of AK005401on ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) induced mice hippocampus pathomorphology and motor score. The mice were divided into four groups: sham, I/R, AKsiRNA, and NC. In addition, AK005401 overexpression vector group and NC vector group were added. After reperfusion for 24 hours, the motor score of each mouse was obtained according to the neurological test method. The brains were fixed, embedded in paraffin, cut into 4-μm-thick sections, and stained with HE, cresyl violet and FJB. (A) The neurons in the CA1 hippocampus stained with HE were observed by light microscopy. Light microscopy shows normal neuronal cells (black solid line arrows), pathological neurons with shrunken cytoplasm, damaged nuclei (red solid line arrows), and vacuolization (blue solid line arrows). (B) Total motor scores in all groups were showed (n = 15). (C) The neurons stained with cresyl violet were observed by light microscopy. (D) The neurons stained with FJB were observed by light microscopy. (E) The percentage of cell deaths was analyzed (n=3). (F) F-JB+ cells were counted (n=3). Data were presented as mean±SD. One-way ANOVA test was used to determine statistical significance. **P < 0.01 vs. sham group, #P < 0.05 vs. I/R group.