Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6638—6656

Dlx5 and Dlx6 expression in GABAergic neurons controls behavior, metabolism, healthy aging and lifespan


Figure 3. RT-PCR analysis of Dlx5 and Dlx6 expression in the cerebral cortex. (A) Primers p1 to p4 were used to analyze the presence of Dlx5 and Dlx6 transcripts in reverse-transcribed RNA extracts from adult cerebral cortex fragments. (B) Two known splice variants of Dlx5 (αDlx5 and γDlx5, [58]) were amplified with primers p3 and p4. Deletion of exon II shifted both bands giving rise to αDlx5Δ and γDlx5Δ. A small fraction of Dlx5 transcripts, possibly corresponding to expression of this gene in non-GABAergic cells or a few non-cre expressing Vgat-positive cells, was not recombined. Dlx6 transcripts were amplified with primers p1 and p2 and did not show any splice variants.