Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6638—6656

Dlx5 and Dlx6 expression in GABAergic neurons controls behavior, metabolism, healthy aging and lifespan

Figure 7. Reduced weight and adipose tissue in VgatΔDlx5-6/+ and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice. (A) The body weight of a cohorts of female control, VgatΔDlx5-6/+ and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice (n ≥ 8 per group) was measured during the first 20 months of aging. At all time points analyzed VgatΔDlx5-6/+ and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice (male (Supplementary Figure 7) and female) presented a highly significant weight reduction. (BD) Gross anatomical inspection (B), MRI analysis (C) and dissected organ weight (D) confirmed a dramatic reduction of visceral and subcutaneous WAT and of BAT in VgatΔDlx5-6 mice (n=11 controls, n=7 VgatΔDlx5-6). Mann-Witney test; ***: p<0.001; **: p<0.01; *: p<0.05.