Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6638—6656

Dlx5 and Dlx6 expression in GABAergic neurons controls behavior, metabolism, healthy aging and lifespan

Figure 9. Extended lifespan and healthspan of VgatΔDlx5-6/+ and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice. (A) Kaplan-Meier survival plots. The median survival of VgatΔDlx5-6/+ and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice is 33% longer than that of their control littermates. (B) Scoring of coat conditions of aging control and VgatΔDlx5-6 mice. At 2, 9 and 18mo the external appearance (alopecia; coat conditions; loss of fur colour; loss of whiskers) was quantified on two groups (n=12 each) of mutant animals and normal controls [38]. Right panels show the coat conditions of two representative control and VgatΔDlx5-6 18mo old animals. Log rank test was performed, **: p<0.01.