Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 5924—5942

Cognitive impairment in heart failure is associated with altered Wnt signaling in the hippocampus


Figure 8. HF rats display alterations in the Wnt signaling pathway in the hippocampus. (A) Representative immunoblots showing the expression levels of active β-catenin, total GSK-3β and the inhibited form of GSK-3β (phospho-Ser9) in hippocampus micro-punches obtained from Sham rats and HF rats. (B) Summary data showing densitometric analysis of β-catenin, (C) total GSK-3β (D) and p-GSK-3β normalized against housekeeping protein GAPDH. Values are means ± S.E.M. *, p<0.05, Unpaired t-test. n=6 rats per group.