Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 5943—5974

Discovering markers of healthy aging: a prospective study in a Danish male birth cohort

Figure 1. The significance of associations between IDP and non-IDP variables. The Manhattan plot shows all results for 453 IDPs against each of the 70 non-IDPs (31,710 values) adjusted for confounders: age, motion, and head size. Significance is plotted as -log 10 p-values, arranged by non-IDPs on the x-axis, multiple testing thresholds across all pairwise associations are marked with a horizontal line (FWE: 5.8 x 10-5). IDPs are distinguished by plotting color to reflect the MRI modality and image processing tool used to estimate each measure. This created five IDP subdomains: 1) T1w global brain volume measures (normalized and unnormalized for head size) modelled by SIENAX (yellow), 2) T1w subcortical structures (shapes and volumes) modelled by FIRST (green), 3) T1w total grey matter volume within grey matter region-of-interests modelled by FAST (red), 4) T2w-FLAIR total volume of white matter hyperintensities modelled by BIANCA (pink), 5) dMRI estimates of diffusivity measures contained within 48 standard-space WM tract region-of-interests modelled by TBSS (blue). (Abbreviations: IQ-11, IQ-20, IQ-57, IQ-63 = general intelligence scores at ages 11, 20, 57, and 63; MOT = motor task; ME = mean error; ML = mean latency; PAL = paired associates learning; TE adjusted = total errors adjusted; TT Adjusted = total trials adjusted; PRM = pattern recognition memory; SD = standard deviation; CL = correct latency; RTI = reaction time task; MT = movement time; RT = reaction time; RVP = rapid visual processing task; MLB1-4 = mean latency block 1 to 4; SOC = Stockings of Cambridge task; Mean Initial TT 5 Moves = mean initial total time 5 moves task; Mean Subse TT 5 Moves = mean subsequent thinking time 5 moves task; SRM = spatial recognition memory; TM = trail making task; SEP = social economic position; MDI = Major Depression Inventory; CBF = cerebral blood flow; PSQI = Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.