Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 5943—5974

Discovering markers of healthy aging: a prospective study in a Danish male birth cohort

Figure 4A. Importance of non-IDP subdomains to CCA-mode.Figure 4A visualizes the overall significance of non-IDP subdomains in influencing multivariate associations between each variable included in the measurement battery. For each subdomain (x-axis), the length of each bar represents the average subdomain importance (r2) to the CCA-mode. Categorically-driven contributions from positive qualities or indicators are represented in grey, whilst contributions from negative traits are depicted in black. In this study, individual non-IDP measures derived from the subdomain cognition (3.24%) were the most important contributors to the CCA-mode of population covariation identified. (Abbreviations: Non-IDP = non-imaging derived phenotypes).