Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 5943—5974

Discovering markers of healthy aging: a prospective study in a Danish male birth cohort

Figure 4B. Importance of IDP subdomains to CCA-mode.Figure 4B visualizes the overall significance of IDP subdomains in influencing multivariate associations between each variable included in the measurement battery. For each subdomain (x-axis), the length of each bar represents the average subdomain importance (r2) to the CCA-mode. Categorically-driven contributions from positive qualities or indicators are represented in grey, whilst contributions from negative traits are depicted in black. In this study, individual measures derived from IDP subdomains total whole brain tissue volume (4.41%), GM volume of non-cerebellum ROIs (3.61%) and subcortical structure volumes (2.56%) were the most important contributors to the CCA-mode of population covariation identified. (Abbreviations: IDP = imaging derived phenotypes, GM = grey matter, WMH = white matter hyperintensity, FA = fractional anisotropy, L1 = 1st eigenvalue, L2 = 2nd eigenvalue, L3, = 3rd eigenvalue, MD = mean diffusivity, MO = tensor mode).