Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6053—6068

LINC01198 promotes proliferation and temozolomide resistance in a NEDD4-1-dependent manner, repressing PTEN expression in glioma

Figure 6. LINC01198 enhances AKT activity through regulation of the NEDD4-1/PTEN axis in glioma cells. (A) Forced LINC01198 expression upregulated p-AKT expression in glioma cells. (B) Protein expression levels of p-AKT were reduced in glioma cells treated with LINC01198 shRNA. (C) LINC01198 knockdown inhibited the interplay between NEDD4-1 and PTEN in glioma cells. (D) Forced LINC01198 expression did not upregulate p-AKT expression in CRISPR/cas9-induced NEDD4-1-knockout glioma cells.