Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6199—6216

Attenuated BK channel function promotes overactive bladder in a rat model of obesity

Figure 6. NS1619-sensitive whole-cell BK currents are significantly lower in HFD DSM cells than in ND DSM cells. Original recording illustrating the activating effect of 30 μM NS1619 on voltage-dependent whole-cell currents in ND. (A) and HFD (B) DSM cells. Current-voltage relationships illustrate the differences in whole-cell BK current density in the presence and absence of 30 μM NS1619 in ND (C) and HFD (D) DSM cells. (E) Summary data illustrating that 30 μM NS1619 had a significantly lower effect on whole-cell BK currents in HFD DSM cells than in ND DSM cells. Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM; n = 12, N = 7 in the ND group, n = 12, N = 8 in the HFD group; * P < 0.05 for ND vs. HFD; # P < 0.05 for control vs. NS1619. ND: normal diet; HFD: high-fat diet; NS: not significant.