Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6217—6236

Risk estimation before progression to mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease: an AD resemblance atrophy index


Figure 6. Typical real cases of MCI stable and MCI-to-AD subjects. T1-weighted (T1W) images at baseline and two years were shown for the two typical cases in temporal, parieto-occipital and frontal view. Red arrows pointed to the regions with significant atrophy by comparing the T1W images of the same subject over two years. The typical case of MCI stable did not present progressed atrophy during the two years, while the case of MCI-to-AD showed increased width of right choroid fissure and temporal horn (temporal view), enlargement of lateral ventricle (parieto-occipital view) and increased frontal lobe atrophy (frontal view). Aβ-: CSF-based Aβ42 >192 pg/ml at baseline and 2 years; Aβ+: CSF-based Aβ42 <192 pg/ml at baseline and 2 years; AD-RAI: AD resemblance atrophy index.