Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6422—6439

A disparate role of RP11-424C20.2/UHRF1 axis through control of tumor immune escape in liver hepatocellular carcinoma and thymoma


Figure 1. Up-regulated RP11-424C20.2 and UHRF1 are significantly associated with prognosis of cancer patients. (A) RP11-424C20.2 was dysregulated in human cancer identified using dreamBase. (B) Prognostic values of RP11-424C20.2 analyzed with GEPIA. (C) RP11-424C20.2 expression was validated using GEPIA. (D) Correlation analysis between RP11-424C20.2 and UHRF1 using GEPIA. (E) Prognostic values of UHRF1 analyzed with GEPIA. (F) UHRF1 expression was evaluated by GEPIA.