Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6490—6502

Down-regulation of Cav1.3 in auditory pathway promotes age-related hearing loss by enhancing calcium-mediated oxidative stress in male mice


Figure 1. Age-related Cav1.3 expression in cochlea. (A, B) immunofluorescence of CaV1.3(green) and Myo7a (red) in the organ of Corti (left) and spiral ganglion (right) (magnification, ×400), nuclei was visualized by DAPI (blue). (C) the immunofluorescent staining for CaV1.3 (green) in the whole cochlear basilar membrane. (D) quantitative analysis of CaV1.3 expression in hair cells, spiral ganglion and cochlea basilar membrane.