Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 7070—7082

Chondrocyte sheet in vivo cartilage regeneration technique using miR-193b-3p to target MMP16

Figure 1. Transfection efficiency and chondrocyte proliferation. (A) Recombinational lentivirus construction. (B) Immunofluorescence staining showing the cells successfully transfected with lentiviruses (magnification x100; bar 100 μm). (C) The relative expression of miR-193b-3p/U6 in the experimental group was much higher (p < 0.05) (n=3). (D) Proliferation of the chondrocytes cultured in different groups (p < 0.05, * = difference between miR-193b-3p and control groups, # = difference between miR-193b-3p and miR-NC groups) (n=3).