Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 7070—7082

Chondrocyte sheet in vivo cartilage regeneration technique using miR-193b-3p to target MMP16

Figure 10. Mechanism: effect of miR-193b-3p’s target gene MMP16 on chondrocyte sheets. (A) Sequence of the predicted miR-193b-3p binding site with the 3’UTR of MMP16 (position 2232-2238). (B) Vectors used in dual-luciferase reporter assay containing the seed sequence of MMP16 3’UTR. (C) Reduced relative luciferase activity transfected with MMP16 and miR-193b-3p, compared with the negative control or MMP16 mutant (p < 0.05) (n=3). (D, E) Gene expression of COL2A1 and MMP16 (p < 0.05) (n=3). (F) Protein expression of COL2A1 and MMP16 for chondrocytes cultured in different groups. (G, H) Quantitative protein level of COL2A1 and MMP16 in different groups (p < 0.05) (n=3).