Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8204—8216

SNHG22 overexpression indicates poor prognosis and induces chemotherapy resistance via the miR-2467/Gal-1 signaling pathway in epithelial ovarian carcinoma

Figure 4. SNHG22 functions as a ceRNA for miR-2467 to facilitate Gal-1 expression in EOC cells. (A) Target sequences in SNHG22 and Gal-1 predicted to bind to miR-2467. (B and C) Anti-AGO2 RIP was performed in CAOV3 and OAW28 cells. The results indicated that SNHG22, miR-2467, Gal-1, and AGO2 formed a complex in SKOV3 and OAW28 cells. (D and E) Wild-type or mutated SNHG22 and Ga1-1 3′ UTRs were transfected into SKOV3 and OAW28 cells with synthetic miR-2467 or negative control (NC). Luciferase activity was detected 48 hours after transfection. (F and G) Gal-1 expression after forced or reduced SNHG22 expression was detected in CAOV3 cells by using qRT-PCR. Data are presented as the means ± SDs in three independent experiments. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001.