Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8294—8312

β-arrestin-2 enhances intestinal epithelial apoptosis in necrotizing enterocolitis

Figure 3. β-arrestin-2 promotes the development of NEC by inducing ER stress. (A) Cleaved caspase 3 (CC3) expression in KO+NEC mice was less than half of that in WT+NEC mice (n=5). (B) Flow cytometry analysis revealed a greater proportion of apoptotic IECs in WT+NEC mice (27.57%) than in KO+NEC mice (17.98%) (n=5). (C) In mice, CHOP expression trended down from E15 to P7 (n=3). (D) In humans, CHOP expression was greater in premature than in full-term infants (n=5).